Lead Management Solution
  • Lead Management Solution Lead Generation
    & Capturing
    Employ pre-integrated APIs to gather leads from well-known lead generation platforms and display them on a unified leadboard.
  • Lead management system Auto Lead
    Rule-based auto lead distribution streamlines the sales process, improves efficiency, and driving sales growth for businesses.
  • Lead management Lead Pipeline
    Tracking and optimizing the progression of leads from initial contact to conversion.
  • Lead management system Auto Managed
    Lead History
    Feature that automatically records and organizes lead interactions and activities for efficient tracking and analysis.

Follow-up Management

Quotation & Sales Order Management

  • Lead management software Online Quotation Maker
    Create, customize, and share professional quotes instantly with quick quotation builder.
  • Lead management software PO Register & Sales Order
    Streamline sales orders, track transactions, manage PI and tax invoices.
  • lead management on mobile app Outstanding Payment Follow-up Management
    Manage scheduled outstanding payment collection & track Overdue Invoices.
  • lead management on mobile app Sales Tracking
    Summary view (Chart & Graphs) of key Sales data for quick insights and analysis.
lead management on mobile app

Products & Customers Data Management

  • Inventory management solution

    Product Catalogue Management

    Simplify, organize, and optimize your product listings with intuitive catalog management.

  • lead management solution

    Buyers Address Book Management

    Organize, update, and simplify buyer contact information effortlessly.

Lead Management on Mobile App

  • Managing Leads Any Time, Any Where

    New lead alerts and pending follow-up notifications on Mobile APP keep the sales team vigilant, ensuring no missed business opportunities.

    • Quick response to buyers
    • No missing follow-up
    • Quotation builder
  • Quick Connect On Call & WhatsApp

    Efficiently connect buyers across devices with one-click functionality, enhancing conversions.

    • Click-to-Call
    • Click-to-WhatsApp
    • Sync Calls to Leadboard
lead management software